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Research direction
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Printed thin-film transistors

  This research theme mainly focuses on printed inorganic thin-film transistors, in particular, the transistors based on inorganic semiconductors of carbon nanotubes and metal oxides.

  For printed carbon nanotube thin-film transistors, PERC has developed high purity (>99.9%) semiconducting carbon nanotube inks and made thin-film transistors by inkjet printing and solution process on both rigid and flexible substrates. High mobility (>30cm2v-1s-1), high on/off ratio (>106) and low operation voltage (<0.5V)have been achieved with the printed transistors and variety of circuits have been constructed such as inverter, ring oscillator and logic gates, driving circuits for organic light emitting, neuromorphic devices based on carbon nanotube transistors, light sensitive circuit, etc. Both p-type and n-type transistors can be made on the same substrate and CMOS circuits can be constructed. Current research focuses on improvement of transistor uniformity and complex circuit construction with large number of printed thin-film transistors.

  For printed metal oxide thin-film transistors, PERC has home developed metal oxide semiconductor inks including IGZO, INO2, ZTO, ITO, etc. Thin-film transistors are made by inkjet printing the inks. By optimizing the annealing process, printed transistors has achieved mobility >5cm2v-1s-1 at relatively low annealing temperature(<350°C). A self-aligned process has been developed to realize high density inkjet printing of transistor array. Circuits such as inverter and OLED driver have been constructed from the printed metal oxide transistors. Current research focuses on large array of printed transistors as backplane for OLED display application.

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