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Printed organic and quantum dots light emission

  This research theme is for organic light emitting diode (OLED) and quantum light emitting diode (QLED) materials and devices, with emphasis on printable OLED and QLED. On the materials side, charge injection and transport materials, light emitting materials, electrode materials will be investigated, particularly the printability of these materials. On the device physics side, layer structure optimization will be investigated in combination with working mechanism and improving out coupling of light emission. On the device fabrication side, various solution processes including printing will be investigated, particularly the interface issues. So far PERC has developed several cross-linkable charge transport materials for printable OLED and QLED. By thermal cross linking these charge transport materials (electron and hole) can be deposited in solution form with interfering each other. Multilayer OLED/OLED devices have been fabricated with solution process including inkjet printing, demonstrated performances equivalent to vacuum deposited devices. In addition, silver nanoparticle inks have been developed to realize inkjet printing of electrode for driving OLED. Hybrid printed metal mesh transparent conductive film has replaced ITO as transparent electrode for OLED.

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