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Encapsulation of organic electronics

  This research theme is to develop barrier layers for thin film encapsulation of OLED/OLED devices. The main technology is the deposition of organic/inorganic composite layers to achieve low water vapor transmission rate (WVTR) encapsulation. PERC has equipped with ALD, CVD and PECVD systems, as well as WVTR measurement instruments. Combined with PERC’s capability to make OLED/QLED devices in house, multilayer thin-film encapsulation processes have been developed, including Parylene/Al2O3 barrier layers and an innovative low temperature ICP-PECVD process which can deposit alternating inorganic and organic layers with the same equipment without taking out the sample. The new technique can achieve WVTR around 10-5g/m2/day. PERC also developed a new method to measure WVTR and the instrument.

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