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Printed flexible/stretchable/wearable electronics

  This research theme is to combine nanomaterial-based conductive inks with printing process to produce conductive patterns on flexible or stretchable substrates. Wearable electronic systems will be constructed by integrating conventional microelectronic chips and other components onto the printed flexible/stretchable circuits. These wearable electronic systems are flexible and/or stretchable so that they can be attached to human body intimately to monitor various physiological parameters such as temperature, breath, pulse, etc. The main focuses of the research will be on printable conductive inks, printing on ultrathin plastic film/fabric/paper substrates, integration of commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) components, system integration and exploration of functionalities. PERC team has produced printed conductive circuits on PET film, elastic substrate and textiles. A flexible Bluetooth system has been developed by printing integration of conventional components. A wireless body temperature batch has been made, which can transmit temperature measurement to a mobile phone. By overlay printing, multilayer flexible circuits have been made. With a proprietary technique developed at PERC, high density flexible circuits can be printed with line/space less than 10 micrometers and the thickness of conductive track more than 10 micrometers.

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