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Research direction
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Syntheses of printable organic electronic materials

Our research interest focuses on the synthesis of novel high-performance printable organic materials. By combining three interrelated R&D processes, i.e. design and synthesis of molecules, improvement of performance and reliability and printing of devices, we aim to screen out the best materials which should have high carrier mobility and good processability, as well as good environmental stability (optical, thermal, oxygen, etc.). We will develop novel high-performance organic inks that are suitable for different printing methods and for fabricating high-performance electronic devices at low cost.

Main research activities are centered around the following areas:

1.Design and synthesis of organic small molecule materials which are of high charge mobility and environmental stability;

2.Design and development of polymer semiconductor materials which are of high charge mobility and good printability;

3.Development of novel printable organic inks and composites inks which are suitable for various printing technologies (such as inkjet, screen, gravure, etc.);

4.Fabrication of high-performance organic electronic devices and circuits by printing method.

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