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Printable inorganic electronic materials

  This research theme targets at the applications of flexible electronic circuits including thin-film transistors to develop relevant inorganic conductors, semiconductors and dielectric materials, including materials synthesis, separation, dispersion and ink formulation. So far the inorganic conductive materials PERC team has developed include nanosilver ink (nanoparticles and nanowires), copper nanoparticle ink, aluminum ink, ITO ink. They are suitable either for inkjet printing or screen printing. The inorganic semiconductor materials include semiconducting carbon nanotube ink and metal oxide ink, both of which have been applied to printed thin-film transistors. The high-k inorganic dielectric ink is based on the BaTiO3 nanocomposite. The above inks have been used extensively at PERC to produce printed flexible conductive circuits and thin-film transistor circuits. Some of the ink materials have well established production processes and PERC is able to provide small quantity to external users.

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