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 Syntheses of printable inorganic electronic materials
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Syntheses of printable inorganic electronic materials

Inorganic electronic materials had been applied in many fields, because of its high performance, high stability and high reliability, etc. Printable inorganic electrical materials also attracted much attention from scientists and industrialists in printed electronics field. In recent years, many progresses based on inorganic materials were achieved in area of printed conductor, transistor, solar cell and quantum dot LED, etc. However, preparation of inorganic inks, deposition of high-quality films, as well as the requirement of high temperature post-processes are still the hurdles that stop wide spread application of inorganic printed electronics.

At PERC, we focus on technology development for preparing inorganic inks for conductors, semiconductors and dielectrics, which are generally used in thin film transistors, photovoltaic and light emitting devices. Our research includes preparation, separation and dispersion of inorganic nanomaterials. We are working on preparing semiconductive CNT ink, Al ink, high-k dielectric ink, transparent oxide semiconductor ink. In addition, we also conduct research on modification of some commercial electronic inks for different printing technologies.

We have developed some inorganic inks which allowed us to print high-quality conductive line, semiconductive and dielectric films, and construct diodes, thin-film transistors and capacitors.

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