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¡°Printed Electronics¡± book published by PERC researchers

Recently, the book ¡°Printed Electronics: Materials, Technologies and Applications¡±, written by the researchers from the Printable Electronics Research Center (PERC), is published by the Chinese Higher Education Press (in Chinese). This is the first book ever published in China on this subject. Printed Electronics brings a new dimension to the electronics manufacturing. Due to the nature of printing methods, the electronic systems and products generated from printed electronics are inherently of large area, flexible and low cost, which is complementary to silicon microelectronics and in some application areas are irreplaceable by silicon microelectronics. Though the research and commercialization of printed electronics develop rapidly worldwide, China is lagging behind in terms of state level funding and research activities, as well as industrialization development. The book aims to raise the awareness to the new technology in the Chinese scientific research community and industrial sectors. By introducing the essential aspects of printed electronics, the authors hope to promote wider interests from all levels of researchers and industrialists to engage in the R&D of printed electronics and foster the new academic research as well as the new printed electronics industry in China.

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