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CTRL+P: Printing Australia¨s largest solar cells [2013-5-24]
Imec and Solvay claim organic PV record [2012-9-28]
Inkjet Printing Could Change the Face of Solar Energy Industry [2011-2-2]
Southwest Nanotechnologies Has Received A $500,000 Oklahoma Research Grant To Commercialize Printed [2011-2-1]
RUSNANO finalizes investment in Plastic Logic [2011-1-27]
UT printed electronics has build-up research [2011-1-18]
Printed Electronics - The money floods in [2010-12-17]
Printed electronics on paper? see a recent brief account and outlook [2010-11-3]
Printed electronics is not all about cost reduction [2010-11-3]
Heliatek Company in Germany created new efficiency of solar energy battery transferring [2010-9-10]
Technical University of Denmark(DTU) developed all-printed organic solar energy battery technology [2010-9-10]
GE and KM Company in US made break-through progress in solution processed white-light OLED [2010-9-10]
Sunchon University in Korea revealed RFID devices made of printed transistors [2010-9-10]
British government announces £8.4m investment in Plastic Electronics [2010-9-10]
Printed cholesterol sensor with printed batteries and printed display [2010-8-19]

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