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Synthesis of printable electronic materials
°Ů Carbon nanotubes inks purified by polymer wrapping of single-walled semiconducting tubes

Before purification£®1£©and after purisfication£®2£©of single-walled semiconducting carbon nanotube ink
°ŮSynthesis of aluminum ink   
                                                 Synthesized aluminum ink
Screen-printed aluminum ink on glass substrate (left) and flexible plastic substrate (right)at low annealing temperature (80°„C)showed better conductivity than vacuum evaporation deposited aluminum film

°Ů Synthesis of ITO (indium-tin-oxide)ink      

The ITO ink demonstrated good conductivity and transparency at relatively low annealing temperature

°Ů Synthesis of dielectric ink
Nanocomposite of BaTiO3/PMMA can be screen printed and showed high dielectric constant (15-20)               
                 Synthesis of nano copper ink and used for printing flexible circuit

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