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Printable electronic inks

  The electronic inks PERC has developed since its establishment include conductor, semiconductor, dielectrics and charge transport materials for organic light emitting diode (OLED). These inks can be printed by inkjet printer or screen printer for printed electronic devices. In the meantime, sintering techniques have also been investigated for each of the inks, in particular the photonic sintering based near infrared and UV flash light, which can shorten the sintering process significantly.

                                                       PERC developed electronic inks

Examples of inks:silver、copper、ITO、aluminum、IGZO、carbon nanotubes

Synthesized copper nanoparticles with uniform size

Printed copper circuit

Batch synthesis of copper nanopartciles (50 liters capacity)

Sintering of nanosilver ink with near infrared light source

  Among the electronic inks, high purity (>99%) semiconducting carbon nanotube ink and copper ink have reached stable performance (see Tables below) and small batch production capability for external users.

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